Lunch Time Picnic


Picnic at lunch on one of those water resistant blanket with a strap. Such a beautiful day.

What Makes A Bird Dance

The reason a bird was “dancing” in the bush in front of the window at work today.


Handmade Christmas Ornament

Having too much fun making handmade Christmas ornaments as gifts while listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas CD and drinking some wine.


With ribbon:


The Reverse Lap

This is what happened when I chose to kneel on the floor to work on my crafts. I can almost here her saying, “Dont mind if I do.”



Orange Watercolor

Painting with orange watercolor. Enjoying trying to create depths with one color I have. These are supposed to be poppies;).




Getting ready to head to Greensboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with Julie and her mom. While putting on these shoes I thought of the lovely Stacey who bestowed these to me after realizing they were a smidge too small for her. They are comfy little heels that are cute too. These are the things I am thankful for in this moment.


Sushi In My Wine’s Shadow

Things I enjoy: picking up sushi on the way home for dinner.

Things I don’t enjoy: finding out my shows skipped a week so I can not enjoy them with my sushi…..sigh.