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California Adventure-Day One

So I landed in Cali with no problems other than being exhausted. But on the upside while boarding in Raleigh. I met my first “stranger”. One of my goals this trip is to meet and actually connect with 5 new people. I met Bianca while we were waiting to board the plane and as usual Delta (which must stand for “oversold”) was asking for a volunteer to give up their seat and for people to check in their carry-on at no charge. Bianca and I connected over the fact that neither of us was letting the baggage guys use our bags in a shot put contest.
Once in LA I got to the rental place I somehow ended up with a Dodge Charger rather than an economy car. I asked for a sun roof since I knew I’d be driving the PCH and after all if you are going to order caviar you should also get champagne;). Here is the Orange Beast:


This car was so wrong and so right at the same time. I do not regret upgrading one bit since I only needed it for a day.

So Saturday began with my drive to Ventura along PCH for a battery! Yep, a battery. I found a Polaroid Land Camera 250 that takes an old battery. The Batteries Plus in Ventura was the only one that had one! The camera was made in the 60’s so I’ve no one to blame but myself.


Along the way I stopped at one of my favorite places, the sand hill across Thornhill Broom Beach. I did just say sand hill. Here is the view:


After trying to figure out if the camera did work (it did) I headed to Thousand Oaks to get some real chocolate eclairs from a bakery called Chocolatine. I highly recommend it if you have tasted what French treats really taste like and if you like to speak French. It is owned and operated by a French couple.



Here is my travel buddy with her birthday chocolate eclair:


After the eclairs I had to race back to Santa Monica to meet up with Kate & Brian to do an engagement shoot. I met up with them just in time-ish. We ended up having a blast. The two hours with them entailed drinks stolen by seagulls, swings on the beach, eye contact with a smurf (stop it Kate!;) ) and lots of laughter. So glad the threat of rain held of til later.


The night ended with hunting down the Lobsta Truck for lobster & crab sandwiches and free bisque because we stood there so long they closed while we enjoyed our food.


Overall a pretty good and productive day.





Getting ready to head to Greensboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with Julie and her mom. While putting on these shoes I thought of the lovely Stacey who bestowed these to me after realizing they were a smidge too small for her. They are comfy little heels that are cute too. These are the things I am thankful for in this moment.


Flying Obsession Continues….


Two Weeks In May: Trip To England And France

France and England trip through iPhone’s perspective.
Waiting in RDU to board flight through Boston.

Random plane photo I love

Leaving rainy Raleigh to head to sunny England…something is amiss here..hmmmm.

Make sure you have one of these on hand when flying in to London….

….or look for one of these to get you where you need to go.

If you do need a cab have cash, they do not have card machines in the cab and paying someone to take you to an ATM stinks.

Pub in England where my owner and her sister had lunch.

Hamburger with ginormous fries!

Duck confit leg with cabbage.

I had been wondering what to do with the wagon wheel I had laying around:)…

Cute pig figurine at the The Pigs Pub.

Don’t tell the British but they mispronounce words too. This is pronounced Lester (actually Lestuh). And I thought Arkansas was a badly pronounced word.

View from the train from England to France…

Another train view….thought it ironic to see the word ozone spray painted on a fence.

Guess where I am?

View from La Petite Table on Rue De La Monnaie in Vieux Lille

Sophia’s stellar parking job and yes getting out of the car was a nightmare.

Cobbled Vieux Lille 

Apparently death is imminent if you enter through here….so don’t do it.

First experience with street art I recognize since I have watched “Exit Through the Gift Shop”.

This is Mimi the Clown

Seeing the numbers makes me feel like I am driving fast even if they are in km/h

The roads you get to enjoy driving in the north of France

The north of France is littered with these wind terbines.

Cemeteries from the World Wars are also everywhere. English, Canadian, this one is German. There were four names on each cross.

French puffy clouds…

…used to look up at them as a child and wish I could go play on them. They were like big pillows to me.

Foie Gras…..kidding

My Great Uncle taking his walk in the back garden (he is 93 yrs old!).

Champagne in champagne country….yeay for real bubbles!

What to do if you are elderly and don’t like what you see and it is too noisy.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Reims France. They are celebrating 800 yrs this year.

Patrick Blanc vertical garden wall in Reims FranceThe one, the only reason I would seek out this place in France, free wifi!

They say that you should do as they do in the country you visit…I however will pass on this option.

The lovely B&B I stayed in the night before I had to head back,

…it is in London and I highly recommend it! (

Obviously they knew I was coming because they had a pillow with my name on it

It seems so much nicer to name a home then treat it like a number;)

Historic Kenwood House near B&B

This is Lucy the overachieving Weimaraner

I do not like potato chips but I love potato crisps in England. Do not tell me it is the same!

British pigeon who I shared some crisps with.

Breakfast spread the morning I had to leave….it made me want to stay, sighhhhh.

I’ve never had a more accurate warning. In Heathrow Airport they apparently want to keep germs off my removing your epidermis with scalding water.

View from my seat leaving Logan Airport on the way back to Raleigh. My flights to and from England had me in the middle seat of the plane. This sounds bad except that both times I had no one next to me. Therefore the worst seat on the plane became the best bed;).