The Day I Fell In Love…..With Paddle Boarding

Today was the best day! It was my second time paddle boarding and I’m hooked. My desire for a new hybrid bike has now passed and I must have a paddle board! I have a mountain bike already and it will do for now. But I must have more time on the water on a board! My friend Doris and I decided to get a lesson from One Heart SUP. I highly recommend getting a lesson if you have been curious about paddle boarding and want to see if you even like it and Harris Lake was great. And at the suggestion of a friend Pokie came along for the adventure (I’d forgotten all about taking him on new adventures). I “bravely” ziplocked my iPhone and brought it along with me to be able to capture the experience:



Erik, our illustrious guide






Doris standing tall under the low clearance bridge



Pokie liked the paddle board until we came upon the lillie pads


Pokie thought he found a friend to swim with



Land sharks




Every paddle board adventure should end with a glass of wine



About sophiaharcourt

My interest in photography actually started as a young child with a box of photos. A large cardboard box that contained albums and loose photos. I would spend a couple hours per viewing going through them. Quite a few years later my interest in having a good camera came about because I would see things and think to myself that would make a great photo. While trying to decide my next step after serving in the Air Force a friend suggested I go to school for photography. People do that? That's like going to school for ....I don't know eating lobster and french chocolate eclairs (some of my favorite foods but not necessarily together). "Okay", I thought! So fast forward again to now. I have been taking photographs and assisting since graduating in 2004 and love every minute of it. Here are some facts about me that you wouldn't know after having met me: 1. I am not from America. I was born in England. 2. My first language was French (confusing I know) 3. I've served in the Air Force (yep, it can be done without citizenship) 4. I love elephants and can't wait to go to Africa one day to see them where they belong. 5. I love to laugh (like almost freakishly). I scour comedy central for new standup comics and watch shows like The Office and Modern Family and World's Dumbest just for a laugh. I kind of sound like an addict, hmmmm. 6. I do NOT like the cold! I don't mind rain (I'm British after all) but abhor the cold. Anyone found a place with highs in the 80's and low in the 60's? 7. I LOVE latin music! (Favorite popular musicians of that genre are Shakira, Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Gipsy Kings and Santana, then anything salsa/merengue).

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