Cali Adventure Day 4: Goodbye to Santa Monica and The Two Hour Drive That Lasted All Day.

So as every morning I woke up early but today it was because I needed to get a morning beach walk again before leaving SoCal. If only I could live within six blocks of a Cali beach everyday. This was Christmas morning and for some silly reason I thought the beach would be deserted. I was wrong. All the day workers (I assume) were at the beach trying to get some surfing in before doing the family Christmas thing. I still maintain that Santa Monica smells like two things these days, ocean air and freshly smoked pot,medicinal of course????:).  I spent the better part of an hour just watching the surfers at the beach but I was a lot more intrigued by the pelicans. Crazy I know but they fly in line formation always just skimming over the water. It intrigued me. I will have to show these images on my other blog because my iPhone could not capture these guys.

2012-12-25 08.48.56

2012-12-25 19.57.09

I kinda wanted this van.

2012-12-25 09.18.57

#Pokie found a palm tree that was just his size, relatively speaking.

2012-12-25 09.16.51

Why get a christmas tree when you can decorate the outside trees with oversized ornaments?

At the end of that hour, after my feet had gone from painfully cold to numb I decided to head back to finish packing and be on our way. On my way back I had the pleasure of meeting Heavenly at the corner of Ocean Park Blvd. and Main St. Now I am a sucker for animals, that can’t be helped, but one that carries its own bags cannot be ignored! Heavenly’s person is named Aliene, she has a bad knee and Heavenly helps her by picking up things for her and this day carrying the bag to help raise funds for The SAR Dog Foundation. Not only did I get a kiss from Heavenly I also got to witness this. I know its cheesy but I love cheese;)! Go here (link coming soon) for more images of Heavenly and more info about SAR Dog Foundation.

The rest of the day entailed a lovely breakfast at Main Street Bagels served to us by Jack from St. Louis, Missouri. I felt bad they were open on Christmas day but not that bad because I like breakfast;). So thanks Jack for the food and the jokes, I would not have had it any other way.

2012-12-25 12.02.40

Smoked salmon and cream cheese, is there really any other way to have a bagel? (rhetorical question…the answer is no…;) ).


View from inside with pup desperately hoping for a dropped crumb.

The rest of our day included stopping at Point Dume, the sand hill at Thornhill Broom Beach (one of my favorite places on earth) and a place off the highway (apparently called the edge of Heaven on Instagram) to watch the sunset (it was off the PCH when it comes back out from being the 101 in Ventura). There we met some surfers from BYU. One of them was incredibly intent on having this shirt off…I can’t make this stuff up. I also got the chance to photograph a motorcycle rider taking a road from Seattle and heading south down the PCH.

2012-12-25 13.03.38

Beginning of the longest 2 hr road trip;)

2012-12-25 19.52.45

The view from the top of the sand hill.

2012-12-25 19.55.23

2012-12-25 15.39.08

Cardboard will not help you slide down hill so don’t bring and/or leave it! Thank You;)

2012-12-25 15.50.58

#Pokie was a little apprehensive of the hill when the usually big people looked so little (Look for blue dot at the top of the sand).


View of the ocean from the top of the sand hill

2012-12-25 17.39.18

Sunset off PCH just North of Ventura.

2012-12-25 19.29.20

Motorcycle rider in above sunset off PCH.


About sophiaharcourt

My interest in photography actually started as a young child with a box of photos. A large cardboard box that contained albums and loose photos. I would spend a couple hours per viewing going through them. Quite a few years later my interest in having a good camera came about because I would see things and think to myself that would make a great photo. While trying to decide my next step after serving in the Air Force a friend suggested I go to school for photography. People do that? That's like going to school for ....I don't know eating lobster and french chocolate eclairs (some of my favorite foods but not necessarily together). "Okay", I thought! So fast forward again to now. I have been taking photographs and assisting since graduating in 2004 and love every minute of it. Here are some facts about me that you wouldn't know after having met me: 1. I am not from America. I was born in England. 2. My first language was French (confusing I know) 3. I've served in the Air Force (yep, it can be done without citizenship) 4. I love elephants and can't wait to go to Africa one day to see them where they belong. 5. I love to laugh (like almost freakishly). I scour comedy central for new standup comics and watch shows like The Office and Modern Family and World's Dumbest just for a laugh. I kind of sound like an addict, hmmmm. 6. I do NOT like the cold! I don't mind rain (I'm British after all) but abhor the cold. Anyone found a place with highs in the 80's and low in the 60's? 7. I LOVE latin music! (Favorite popular musicians of that genre are Shakira, Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Gipsy Kings and Santana, then anything salsa/merengue).

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