Cali Adventure Day Three: Rain, Camera, Action

This day started out with the pitter-patter of rain that had come in the night. This rain had also woken me up throughout the night but was a lot more tolerable than Nuclear Shelter Lady from the previous morning. The curse of being a light sleeper. On the upside no one is going to sneak up on me in the middle of the night and kill me like they do in the movies;). As soon as Doris came out of her room I informed her we would be enjoying a good breakfast that morning so we could take time to plan the rest of our trip. We decided to go to Urth Cafe based on friend’s and Yelp recommendations. I highly recommend their Eggs Salmone. It can get busy though so be prepared.

The building itself is decorated with beautiful tile artwork.


While we were starting our breakfast Doris received a call with sad news from her Vet that her beloved pup Jake had died. He had been diagnosed with diabetes a few days before Doris left for California. The good news though was that her awesome vet had brought him home since he seemed to be getting better. Jake died on the vet’s chest while they both napped. I think it was such a heart wrenching thought for Doris. It was good Jake was with someone he knew well but she was sad that she couldn’t be there. We took some time to talk about it but Doris takes things in stride and doesn’t let things hold her back from her goals but rather uses them to keep pushing onward. I do think our rainy morning was for a purpose though other than to try to plan our next steps.
Our next stop was the camera store. We went to three spots before I got to the store that actually sold what I needed which was Polaroid and medium format film. While there Doris decided to browse for a camera. She had been wanting a new one ever since her last “nice” camera went flying off a cliff after a family member um…., startled her. Luckily the camera is only item that was sacrificed in that prank. After deliberations between myself and Doris about what she wanted vs. what I think she needed the sales guys brings out THE camera that had essentially been recommended by other’s to Doris. And so it was and Doris and her new Nikon and I left Samy’s Camera.

As we drove home I got some texts and phone calls alerting me to some home drama which seemed to suit the situation we drove up to at the Venice & Sepulveda Blvd intersection. The corner 7/11 had a cop car pulled into the parking lot all haphazardly and three cops with their guns pulled at the front door of the store. I was on speaker phone with my friend trying to get a video but ended up with this crap photo instead. I allowed myself to try to capture this since I had been so good at the Whole Foods when I saw Cobie Smulders, Robyn from How I Met Your Mother, and left her alone. I know I’m a loser but I really wanted to say hi since I love the show but I wanted to respect her privacy.


In the afternoon the sun came out and Doris and I made it to the Venice Canals. I have been to Venice Beach numerous time but had never gone to the canals. After we spent some time there exploring and photographing we went home to change and get ready for dinner at Bianca’s family’s restaurant in Thousand Oaks. This meant driving PCH then going through the mountains via Kanan Rd, some of my favorite drives. This said I also miss Cali radio.




Pokie liked the Canals


About sophiaharcourt

My interest in photography actually started as a young child with a box of photos. A large cardboard box that contained albums and loose photos. I would spend a couple hours per viewing going through them. Quite a few years later my interest in having a good camera came about because I would see things and think to myself that would make a great photo. While trying to decide my next step after serving in the Air Force a friend suggested I go to school for photography. People do that? That's like going to school for ....I don't know eating lobster and french chocolate eclairs (some of my favorite foods but not necessarily together). "Okay", I thought! So fast forward again to now. I have been taking photographs and assisting since graduating in 2004 and love every minute of it. Here are some facts about me that you wouldn't know after having met me: 1. I am not from America. I was born in England. 2. My first language was French (confusing I know) 3. I've served in the Air Force (yep, it can be done without citizenship) 4. I love elephants and can't wait to go to Africa one day to see them where they belong. 5. I love to laugh (like almost freakishly). I scour comedy central for new standup comics and watch shows like The Office and Modern Family and World's Dumbest just for a laugh. I kind of sound like an addict, hmmmm. 6. I do NOT like the cold! I don't mind rain (I'm British after all) but abhor the cold. Anyone found a place with highs in the 80's and low in the 60's? 7. I LOVE latin music! (Favorite popular musicians of that genre are Shakira, Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Gipsy Kings and Santana, then anything salsa/merengue).

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