Cali Adventure Day 2: Joshua Tree

So day two of our adventure “started”, for me, at roughly 5 am. I have the word “started” in quotes and say roughly because that is the time that the upstairs neighbor of the apartment we were staying decided to start building what I can only assume was a nuclear shelter. It involved a lot of dragging things across the floor (that was not carpeted) and standing on the most creaky part of the floor that happened to be right above where I lay my head to sleep. After imagining nine different outcomes to what would happen if I marched upstairs and knocked on the door and then literally telling her out loud, from my bed, to “Go Back To Bed” I admitted defeat and decided to get up at 5:40am. Even Doris, my travel buddy and self-proclaimed deep sleeper, was overcome by Nuclear Shelter Lady.

Before heading on the highway we made a couple stops. The first was to a coffee place called Dogtown Cafe on Main Street in Santa Monica. We both got our respective versions of coffee and some egg burritos.The decor there was so fitting for the area and of course since dogs are welcome there was a bowl of dog treats for “Fido”.

2012-12-25 21.03.47 2012-12-23 09.07.232012-12-25 20.58.23

Next we went to Whole Foods to get snacks for our full day at Joshua tree. I had to buy a beer (keep in mind it was 8:30 on Sunday) not because I wanted it but because I could. In North Carolina there are no alcohol sales allowed before 12pm on Sunday. I showed them!;)

2012-12-23 08.37.37

And so our trip began after all that and maybe 30 minutes into it I ended up needing to nap because of the time difference, the full day on Saturday and of course don’t forget Nuclear Shelter Lady. Once we arrived Doris got the details of where to go to try to get some of the things she wanted to do while allowing me the opportunity to get some photography in. We had a pretty well-rounded day and learned a lot about these little bushes with tiny thorns that dig right through your clothes and dermis and deep into your soul.  This may be a slight exaggeration (and I mean Slight) on my part. But these bush tree things  would dig into your clothing, then skin and while trying to carefully remove the offending branch from your person another branch would somehow grab your rescuing arm though you were being careful not to get it caught too.  I am not saying they were alive and moved but I am not saying that they didn’t.

2012-12-23 10.17.55

As the sun was setting we found a spot next to the road that contained a field of Joshua Trees and since I had not yet photographed any ( you know since I was busy trying to clean my spilled blood after being accosted by the living thorn bush-trees), I thought we should stop get some photos. I got to work digitally capturing these trees and soon into my efforts my memory card filled up so I ran back to the car. Once I return I started to photograph again only to find that my battery is out of juice. So I make a second run to the car. With the fresh battery in I press the shutter only to be left wanting. I look at the top of the camera and it shows that the second battery has no power! I had charged both the night before and only used one so far. I am left with no option but to run back to the car a third time and get the Hasselblad and film out. I tell myself all the time to shoot more film and this time fate decided it for me. But seriously the sun was setting and guess what? It does not care if you have no memory card, battery or if it takes a “minute” to add film to your camera. Overall I’d say things worked out I suppose I’ll find out for sure when the film comes back;). Doris and I found a fun and nice looking set of rocks to photograph from for fun but things got wrapped up with a quickness when I uttered the words “Oh look a coyote!”. Doris said it was time to go. I was reluctant initially because he looked more scared of us but then I imagined a Mountain Lion could be nearby and I know those aren’t scared of us so we headed back to the car, quickly.

2012-12-23 12.20.56 2012-12-23 15.04.33

My gear (right) vs. Doris' gear.

My gear (right) vs. Doris’ gear.

2012-12-23 17.48.42 2012-12-25 20.16.59 2012-12-25 20.18.12

Pokie had a fun day too at Joshua Tree.

2012-12-23 15.03.12 2012-12-25 20.15.51


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My interest in photography actually started as a young child with a box of photos. A large cardboard box that contained albums and loose photos. I would spend a couple hours per viewing going through them. Quite a few years later my interest in having a good camera came about because I would see things and think to myself that would make a great photo. While trying to decide my next step after serving in the Air Force a friend suggested I go to school for photography. People do that? That's like going to school for ....I don't know eating lobster and french chocolate eclairs (some of my favorite foods but not necessarily together). "Okay", I thought! So fast forward again to now. I have been taking photographs and assisting since graduating in 2004 and love every minute of it. Here are some facts about me that you wouldn't know after having met me: 1. I am not from America. I was born in England. 2. My first language was French (confusing I know) 3. I've served in the Air Force (yep, it can be done without citizenship) 4. I love elephants and can't wait to go to Africa one day to see them where they belong. 5. I love to laugh (like almost freakishly). I scour comedy central for new standup comics and watch shows like The Office and Modern Family and World's Dumbest just for a laugh. I kind of sound like an addict, hmmmm. 6. I do NOT like the cold! I don't mind rain (I'm British after all) but abhor the cold. Anyone found a place with highs in the 80's and low in the 60's? 7. I LOVE latin music! (Favorite popular musicians of that genre are Shakira, Marc Anthony, Elvis Crespo, Gipsy Kings and Santana, then anything salsa/merengue).

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