Handmade Christmas Ornament

Having too much fun making handmade Christmas ornaments as gifts while listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas CD and drinking some wine.


With ribbon:



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  1. I want to try making ornaments using water balloons to make 3-4″ diameter balls with white string, tachy glue or liquid starch. And then finishing by wrapping around a few times with some red 1/4″ ribbon that includes a loop to hang them by. If filled with water, they could be set on a small jelly glass to wrap and dry, leaving an uncovered 2″ circle on one side to insert a ‘scene’ inside. Other colors of yarn (or string) could be used and white batting stuffed lightly inside.

  2. If using water balloons and WATER inside them, be careful when draining them (pierce slowly with a needle and allow water to drain without soaking the string after it has dried to a nice shape. Then pull the balloon through the 2″ hole in the string ball. If you can fill the water balloons with air instead (I have a problem tying those tiny balloons), then you can hang the balloon (from a string around the knot) to let it dry.


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