Monthly Archives: November 2011

Orange Watercolor

Painting with orange watercolor. Enjoying trying to create depths with one color I have. These are supposed to be poppies;).





Getting ready to head to Greensboro to celebrate Thanksgiving with Julie and her mom. While putting on these shoes I thought of the lovely Stacey who bestowed these to me after realizing they were a smidge too small for her. They are comfy little heels that are cute too. These are the things I am thankful for in this moment.


Sushi In My Wine’s Shadow

Things I enjoy: picking up sushi on the way home for dinner.

Things I don’t enjoy: finding out my shows skipped a week so I can not enjoy them with my sushi…..sigh.


Early Morning Fog

Enjoying this early morning fog. It makes everything look so calm and serene.


I Love Billy Buttons

I love Billy Buttons. Mostly for their simple beauty and partly for their amusing name.


Crow Eating Chicken

As I relaxed outside enjoying my lunch my attention was drawn to a sound coming from crows stabbing into a Chick-Fil-A bag. Not sure if that would be considered bird cannibalism?