Monthly Archives: April 2011

New Ride: Kelli Moore Bag

My owner had been trying to decide on a new photo bag to use while traveling or photographing weddings and I managed to sway her towards my choice. I mean after all I am an iPhone and need to travel in style and not be tucked away not to be seen. I haven’t decided whether I will reside in the side pocket (it’s a tight fit with my case on) or a zippered pocket. Either way I’m all set for my first visit to France. Here are some photos I took of my new ride:




Here is the cool protective sac the bag came in:



Home-Made Pizza!

Today was a day for pizza with a home-made pesto base, prosciutto, tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, goat cheese and a cheese blend. And pizza is totally healthy if made with fresh ingredients fresh at the house, in fact it is low-fat:)!   The dough came from Trader Joe’s.  This store has the best stuff!

Any store that names its sparkling wine section “bubbles” is top-notch in my book:).

Good Morning!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a morning person but for some reason the Starbucks lady smiling at me from my cup of yumminess made me smile today. Started to wonder if she is a distant relation to Aunt Jemima. The places my mind will go when I’m tired….oh who am I kidding? I have random thoughts when not tired.

I see the Aunt Jemima resemblance in her smile:

And now I want pancakes:).