Monthly Archives: March 2011

Loves Anthropologie

I love coming to Anthropologie with my owner while she is shopping for tabletop photo props. Is it wrong to feel happier after spending time in here?


Cool bench outside the happiest place in the world:

Plant filled mason jars. I know they are decorations but I want them!



Just left the gas station after being robbed….not by an individual but these stinkin gas prices. How is my owner going to buy shiny new apps for me with all she has to pay in gas? At least she didn’t have to pay as much as the previous guy at this pump. His total was $ 64. Ouch!


Ahhhh spring is here!

And so are these darn Canadia geese! Sigh (I know there should be an “n” but I like to modify words…it’s fun).

High time



Kind words from my owner (without her this blog would not be possible):

I decided today that it is high time my iPhone had a voice. I never thought I would love photos from my phone so much. It is always with me though and so much easier to carry around than my Canon G10. Also I have to say that applications like Instagram just make my phone’s documentation of life prettier. Little wording will be found here just photos of things iPhone and I come across.